billet1 [bil′it]
[ME < Anglo-Fr, dim. of bille,BILL1]
1. Obs. a brief document or letter
2. a written order to provide quarters or lodging for military personnel, as in private buildings
a) the quarters thus assigned or occupied
b) the sleeping place assigned to a sailor on ship
4. a position, job, or situation
1. to assign to lodging by billet
2. to assign to a post
3. to serve a billet on
to be billeted or quartered
billet2 [bil′it]
[ME < OFr billette, dim. of bille < Gaul * bilia, tree trunk, akin to Ir bile, tree]
a) a short, thick piece of firewood
b) Obs. a wooden club
a) a long, rectangular or cylindrical unfinished bar of iron or steel, usually smaller than c. 232 sq cm ( c. 36 sq in) in cross section
b) a similar, generally smaller, bar made from a nonferrous metal
3. Archit. a log-shaped insert in a Norman moldinga log-shaped insert in a Norman molding
4. [? < another source] Saddlery any of the straps used to fasten the saddletree to the girth

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